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Pure Blend Pro Grow (3-2-4)

$ 20.95

Pure Blend Pro Grow (3-2-4)

$ 20.95

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PURE BLEND™ PRO GROW is a hydro-organic vegetative and fruit and flower formula which is a specialty custom blend of organic and natural sources of the essential major, secondary, and trace minerals in 100% soluble form from the land and sea. PURE BLEND™ Pro produces vigorous lush green vegetation and superior fruits, flowers, and vegetables. PURE BLEND™ Pro will provide increased nutritional values and is a healthy, environmentally friendly alternative.  

It can be purchased at discount as part of the Hydroponic Growing Starter Kit.

  • Essential elements are not derived from harmful chemicals such as a urea and high concentrates of ammonia nitrate.
  • Eliminates the danger of exposing plants to toxic heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, selenium, etc. like in conventional chemical fertilizers.
  • The organic components of PURE BLEND™ Pro enhance uptake and utilization of plant nutrients.
  • Plants acquire increased pathogen resistance and hardiness.
  • Use Pure Blend Pro Grow Formula during the vegetative growth stage.

Model 2898

Shipping Weight: 3.0 lbs

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