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Leadership Team

Greg Hendrick, President & CEO

Greg's background is in horticultural science and agricultural business management. An entrepreneur at heart, Greg loves to develop and expand food production technologies that help people live better, healthier lives.

He has set up hydroponic and aquaponic home systems around the Pacific Northwest, taught hydroponic principles in schools, and indoor gardening concepts in Eastern Europe.

Cheong-Il Park, Inventor

Chong-Il Park, Inventor of the Foody Garden TowerCheong-Il Park is a farmer and inventor and the original creator of the Foody system. A farmer from Jeju, a tiny island off the southern coast of South Korea, Cheong-Il has pioneered and engineered better and alternative methods to traditional farming for many years. He developed the Foody after moving from his small farming community to the urban environment of Seoul, one of the biggest cities in Korea. 

Missing the fresh produce he’d grown up with, Cheong-Il began working on a way to help urban dwellers grow their own food. He realized the biggest barrier in crowded Seoul was ... space. Even with community gardens on public plots, too many people in Seoul just didn't have the space necessary to plant a garden.

The solution? Vertical gardening. Park spent 10 years developing his first vertical planter and has continually refined the product into what we sell today: The Foody Vertical Garden Tower.

Peter Michie ~ In Memoriam

Peter Michie, former RAF pilot and business management consultant, created Feed Our Planet (now known as Foody Vertical Gardens) to sell and distribute vertical towers. He also modified the towers so that they would  work hydroponically. Peter absolutely loved growing vegetables and herbs in his Foodys. Sharing his enthusiasm with others brought him great joy.

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