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Foody 12 Aquaponic Tower - Just Add Fish

$ 249.00

Foody 12 Aquaponic Tower - Just Add Fish
Foody 12 Aquaponic Tower - Just Add Fish Foody 12 Aquaponic Tower - Just Add Fish Foody 12 Aquaponic Tower - Just Add Fish Foody 12 Aquaponic Tower - Just Add Fish Foody 12 Aquaponic Tower - Just Add Fish Foody 12 Aquaponic Tower - Just Add Fish Foody 12 Aquaponic Tower - Just Add Fish

$ 249.00

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  • Description

    Designed for year-round use inside the home, this aquaponic system uses the the same stackable growing pods as the  Foody 12 hydroponic system. 

    What is aquaponics? In simplest terms, "aquaponics" is the growing of plants and fish together in one system. The plants help to clean and purify the water for the fish, and the fish effluent is recycled, providing the nutrients for the plants. Just remember to feed the fish every day!

    How it Works

    This system encourages rapid plant growth by circulating water and nutrients (from the fish) in the base reservoir through the growing pods and the plant roots. Plant starts are placed directly in the small, removable net pots and their roots reach into the water in each growing pod and in the reservoir. The tower may be rotated for optimum light exposure. 

    • Each growing pod has 12 planting pockets. The reservoir lid has 6 growing pockets.  There are 42 total planting spaces in the system.
    • Plants may be easily planted and removed using individual net pots (included).
    • Tower stands 4' tall.
    • Made of a heavy-duty plastic that’s BPA free, which means no concerns about adding toxins to your organic plants. 
    • Anti-oxidant and UV reduction elements help reduce algae formation.
    • Rotation: Growing pods rest on ball bearings allowing them to rotate easily for optimum light exposure (rotate either manually or automatically with our optional drive system).

    NOTE: Aquaponic systems like this one require that salt levels and pH levels are monitored and managed. If you are new to aquaponics / hydroponics, please see our how-to guide on growing hydroponically with a Foody.

    Indoors: This aquaponic tower system is best suited for indoor use.

  • Setting Up

    Place your small plants or seeds into the net cups that fit into the top of each stackable growing pod. The plant roots will grow into the water that fills the growing pods. Then place your fish into the 20 gallon tank that sits under the growing pods. The fish tank is suitable for gold fish, koi and tilapia, etc. We do not recommend more than four large koi or tilapia total (it's best to have at least 5 gallons of water per fish that grow to over 1 lb each).

  • Options

    Rotational motor: The optional rotational motor attaches to the base of your tower and rotates the growing pods for improved light exposure (four revolutions per hour). 

    T5 Vertical Lighting: The Foody 12 works best in front of windows with good light exposure. If growing in a poorly lit area, use a T5 Vertical Lighting System.

    Plant Starter Plugs: We recommend using Rapid Rooter Starter Plugs if you plan to start your plants from seeds. These plugs fit perfectly into the Foody 12 removable net pots. Simply place a plug in each net pot and add seeds.

  • This System Includes

    • Three stackable 12-pocket growing pods 
    • A 20 gallon base fish tank with submersible magnetic drive pump
    • Plumbing PVC and polyhose for water circulation
    • 42 net pots for the plants
    • 1lb bag of clay pebbles for use as a growing medium in the 2" net pots.  
    • Air pump & aerator

    Not Included

    • Fish
    • Fish food


    Tank measures 15" deep x 18" wide x 22" long 
    Weight: 24 lbs.
    Box size: 16"x19"x23"

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