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Digital TDS Meter

$ 14.99

Digital TDS Meter
Digital TDS Meter Digital TDS Meter Digital TDS Meter

$ 14.99

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3-In-1 FUNCTION - Handheld size tester combines TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), EC (Electrical Conductivity) and a Temperature Meter. Perfect for home and commercial use to meet all your water testing needs.             

RELIABLE READINGS - Features with a sensitive electrode sensor to help you get accurate readouts. Measuring range is 0-9999ppm with ±2% accuracy, while the temp range is 0.1-80.0°C (32.0-176.0°F).

4 DISPLAY MODES - Press SHIFT button, display changes: TDS - ppm & °C, EC - µs/cm & °C, TDS - ppm & °F, EC - µs/cm & °F. 10 minute Auto-Off feature.   

LOCK & RECORD - Press HOLD button, the product automatically locks the current measurement value for convenient reading and recording. Once again button, it will return to the measurement mode.   

EXTRA PLUS - Automatic temperature compensation. This water testing device is widely used with easy-to-read digital display. A protective case with clip included, so you can carry it anywhere.      

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