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Do Hydroponically Grown Fruits & Vegetables Taste Different?

The taste of a vegetable hinges upon several factors: amount of sun, water quality and nutrient type. Assuming that your plants will get the right amount of sun and the water is fit for human consumption, the nutrients the plants receive dictate how flavorful the vegetable/fruit will be.

To grow a flavorful vegetable or fruit, the plant will need a fertilizer that goes beyond the typical N-P-K formula. Look for a water soluble or liquid fertilizer that has a complete formula of major and minor nutrients. You can find these types of fertilizer at hydroponic shops or online in our store.

For the best results, uses a formula specifically designed for vegetative growth (when the plant is just starting to produce flowers/fruits) and then switch to a formula that is designed for when the plant starts to bloom (or produce fruits). If growing all herbs, or greens, you will not need the blooming formula.

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