Foody Vertical Gardens

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What is a Foody Vertical Garden?

Do you love to garden?

You'll love the Foody Vertical Garden. Foody towers allow you garden "standing up", and to grow fresh fruits, herbs, greens and vegetables all year round in a little more than 2 square feet of floor space. 

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The Foody comes in three basic configurations (see below). The patented system takes advantage of stackable pods, all of which are interchangeable between the systems.

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Advantages of the Foody System

Indoor Growing

The Foody system is ideally suited for growing indoors because the towers can be spun on their own axis, allowing for optimum light exposure. The Foody can also include an automatic drive system, which rotates the growing pods automatically. When combined with a set of T5 vertical lights, the Foody can be used to grow fresh herbs and produce all year long in any indoor location. 

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