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Organic vs. Non-Organic

Many ask us if they can grow plants organically in Foody garden towers. The short answer is yes. However, we believe there is enough misinformation about organic vs non-organic that we thought we should address it.

All matters are “organic” by definition. Just because something is 100% organic doesn’t mean it’s inherently good for you. (ie rattlesnake poison). The issue is really about “unprocessed” vs “processed”.

Cow manure is deemed “organic” because it is unprocessed. A fertilizer processed in a factory is sometimes viewed negatively because it’s man-made. Which one is better for you? It depends. That cow manure may have come from cows that have been given hormones and antibiotics on a regular basis. These elements are not fully absorbed by the cows and end up in their manure. Spray the plants with that manure and the plants will invariably absorb the hormones /antibiotics to some level. So the manure, while “organic,” may come with some unwanted and harmful elements.

On the other hand, processed fertilizer means that whatever element is processed (potassium for example) was taken from a natural source, isolated and refined so that only the potassium remains and no other elements are present. This allows the grower much greater control over the growing environment. The point here is that no one should feel like they must use “100% organic” elements to have healthy food.

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