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Foody Tower at School


We've had several schools incorporate Foody towers into their lesson plans. Foody towers work great in a classroom due to how little room they take up, and how many plants can be grown in one. We recently talked with a teacher who filled a Foody tower and then had each of their students monitor one of the plants on the tower. Each student would make observations on their plant each day, and compare how their plant was doing versus the others in the tower.

Foody towers may seem simple on the surface, but there's actually a lot of science behind how they work. Exploring the science behind is a great way for students to see the real life applications of scientific principles.

Hydroponics offer a great educational opportunity for students. There's certainly the biology angle to explore, but you can also tie in chemistry, physics, and even economics. If you have any ideas on how to incorporate a Foody tower into a lesson plan, we'd love to hear it!

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