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How to use Plant Starter Plugs

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Growing hydroponically is a great way to grow a lot of food in a small area. However, most hydroponic systems require that a plant already has roots before it can be grown in the system. Normally you would start the plant in soil, and then dust off the soil from the roots once the plant is ready to be transferred. However, starter plugs make this step much easier.

To use starter plugs, first you'll need to fill the tray with distilled water. Give teh plugs about 3 hours to absorb enough water, then plant your seeds. Plant 2-3 seeds in each plug to improve your odds of getting something to sprout. Once the seeds are planted, make sure that the tray is always around half full. The plants should be kept in a dark area until they sprout. Once this happens, they should be kept under a grow light. After about 2 weeks, the plants should be ready to transfer. Once they are ready, simply take the grow plugs and put them in your system. Easy as that! 

One of the add-ons available with our Foody Towers is a bag of grow plugs, so be sure to include that with your tower to make your growing experience that much easier.

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