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While we do enjoy talking about all the benefits of growing with a Foody tower, sometimes it's good to hear directly from one of our customers about their experiences. This is a great review from Amazon about the Foody 12:

"I bought one of these for my wife for Christmas, and we love it. Delivery was slightly delayed, but the seller contacted me ahead of time to apologize, explain the reasons, and update me on the timing. They actually called me rather than just sending an email--very nice. It came with clear instructions including pictures, and setting it up was very easy.

My wife had been working with a low-cost hydroponic system based on 5-gallon buckets and an air pump, and while it did okay for hardy plants, it was (1) ugly, (2) took up a huge amount of floor space for a very limited number of plants, and (3) the buzzing noise from the air pump was really annoying. So it basically had to be given its own room on the lower level of the house, with a bunch of grow lights for the multiple buckets. I was not a fan.

By contrast, I think the Foody system looks quite nice, especially once it's full of plants. And it takes up relatively little floor space, so it can sit in a south-facing bay window in the main part of our house without getting in the way. The auto-rotation feature is fantastic, allowing us to take maximal advantage of the natural light and also simplifying the positioning of grow lights (I bought two 45-watt LED grow light panels, built a rough stand, and hung the panels one above the other so that they illuminate one whole side of the Foody). She's got plants in almost all of the 44 spots now, and all of them appear to be thriving.

The only negative is that the noise of the running water is substantial. It's not an unpleasant sound at all (unlike the buzzing air pump we had before), but the vertical plastic reservoirs resonate as the water flows from one to the next, making a trickling/gurgling sound that is loud enough to be distracting when watching TV in the same room. The sellers are aware of this, and they included a timer-outlet along with the suggestion to have the water pump automatically turn off for a few hours in the evening. I was a bit nervous about having the water off entirely for hours, so we got one of those highly-programmable digital timers and now we have the water pump turn on for 1 minute ever half hour from 7pm to midnight. I suspect it would be fine to have it off entirely, but this has worked great for us so far.

We've got basil, arugula, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, and strawberry plants currently. Don't yet know how well the tomatoes and strawberries will do at producing food, but the others are all cranking."

That's a great review! We appreciate all feedback that we get about our products, so we welcome you to leave a review if you've have a Foody tower of your own.

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