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Plants to Grow in Extreme Climates

Growing plants in extreme heat or cold is challenging, but not impossible. We'll look at a few different plants that can be growing in unfriendly weather conditions.

Extreme Heat


Sedums are succulents that are resistant to heat, low quality soil, and low water levels. They are a low maintenance and eye appealing, making them great for beginner growers.


These flowers are a great addition to any garden, as their smell helps keep deer away. They also attract butterflies and bees, so they are great for people who like supporting their local ecosystems.


Marigolds are a classic flower that have a cheerful look to them. They also bloom in the summer and fall, so they are good for keeping your garden looking lively when other plants may be starting to fade.

Extreme Cold


Carrots are a root vegetable, so they are protected from cold weather and frost by the soil. They are also a naturally durable plant, so they want handle colder climates.


Broccoli grows best in cooler weather, so it's a natural choice for anyone living up north. It is also frost tolerant, so you won't have to worry about Mother Nature ruining your crop unexpectedly.

Have any other plants that can survive harsh conditions? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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