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What can you grow with hydroponics?

Hydroponic systems are great for growing a wide variety of plants. Just about any plant that has a shallow root system should have no problem growing hydroponically. However, if you're looking for ideas, here are a few common plants that we've seen customers grow in our Foody towers.


Lettuce is perhaps the most common plant to grow hydroponically. It's fairly easy to grow and is liked by most people. We typically recommend that anyone new to hydroponics start with lettuce.


Strawberries are another good option, though they do require patience. If you do decide to plant strawberries, we recommend that you use a starter. Strawberries can take several years to bear fruit if they are started from seeds, which is far longer than most people would care to wait.

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes are good to try once you've gotten more comfortable with growing hydroponically. They require a bit more care than other plants, but are a nice way to diversify. We found a great article about growing tomatoes hydroponically if you're looking to go down that path:

As you can see, your options for hydroponic growing are extensive. However, there are a few plants that you should stay away from. These include corn, melons, and potatoes. It's certainly not impossible to grow these plants hydroponically, but it requires a lot of space and effort. If you want to grow those plants, you would have more luck sticking to traditional soil growing.

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