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School Lesson Plan with a Foody

We recently had a teacher put together a great lesson plan for his high school science class. You can find the sample lesson plan here.

This lesson plan is a bit higher end, but it can be modified to work with most age groups. It focuses on the design of hydroponic systems, and is a great way to help students understand what makes hydroponics different from traditional growing. Students are divided into groups, and then research different types of growing systems. After they do their research, all the students join back together and teach one another about the system that they learned about.

Once students have researched different growing systems, they then get to design their own. This lets students mix their creativity with the research they've done. Overall it's a great lesson plan for any teachers who have advanced classes that they want to give a challenging project to.

Hydroponics offer a great educational opportunity for students. There's certainly the biology angle to explore, but you can also tie in chemistry, physics, and even economics. If you have any ideas on how to incorporate a Foody tower into a lesson plan, we'd love to hear it!

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