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10 Benefits of "Going Vertical" with a Hydroponic Garden

Vertical hydroponic gardens like the Foody make it possible to keep a productive garden in your own home. But what are the other benefits of "going vertical"?

#1 - No Weeds

Need we say more?

#2 - Fewer Insect Pests

Any plant will attract insects, but plants grown indoors in a vertical system are less susceptible.

#3 - Garden All Year

Hydroponic gardens allow you to grow indoors regardless of the season. Just make sure you put your garden near a well lit window, or use a light stand.

#4 - Educational

Hydroponic gardens are clean and "hands-on", and a great tool for the classroom. Growing with a vertical hydroponic system is a simply and super way to learn about plants, nutrients and lighting without worrying about the weather, pests or weeds. 

#5 - Decorative & Attractive

Vertical gardens can be placed almost anywhere inside your home or on your deck/patio, and they are wonderfully productive, so you can count on good looking (and smelling) herbs, flowers and greens all year round.

#6 - Less Bending Over

If you're someone who loves tending a garden, but hates the bending over, vertical gardening is a nice way to maintain a garden that sits at eye-level.

#7 - Space Saver!

Most vertical towers only need 2 to 3 feet diameter of floor space. Systems like the Foody Tower can grow 40 to 66 plants in a 24" circle of floor space: The bottom line is productivity vs space. This is where vertical gardening is set apart from any other type of gardening.

#8 - Move Indoors or Outdoors

Stackable vertical gardens like the Foody 8 can easily be moved in or out of the home, which is good for certain certain plants that thrive during the warmer months.

#9 - Uses Less Water & Nutrients

Believe it or not, hydroponic systems actually use much less water and fertilizers than traditional gardens for the same amount of production ... you're not losing as much to evaporation and the soil. In fact, systems like the Foody Tower use just 10% of the water normally used in an outdoor garden. This is why vertical hydroponic towers are catching on in commercial greenhouses and for rooftop installations.

#10 - Less Mess!

Because a hydroponic system uses no soil , you won't have to muck about in the mud and dirt.


Aug 24, 2020 • Posted by Hollet

Hello Foody Customer Service,
I would like to know how much would it cost for your hydroponic system ?

Dec 19, 2019 • Posted by David Norriss

I like how you mentioned that because hydroponic farming can be done vertically and indoors the risk of insect pests harming your plants is greatly reduced. My mom wants to start a garden in her backyard but my dad doesn’t want to have to deal with bugs that will come attack it. I will talk to them about stating up an indoor vertical hydroponic garden instead.

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