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Product Spotlight: Hydroponic Starter Kit

The world of hydroponics is an one worth looking into for anyone wanted to grow their own food. However, there are a few different supplies you'll need if you want to be successful. Our starter kit will help you get started with any hydroponic system, though we'll have to recommend our Foody 12 or Foody 8 given their ease of use.

Our starter kit contains liquid nutrients, a pH kit, and tds meter. Liquid nutrients are necessary for a hydroponic system because the plants are not getting any nutrients from soil. There are many different brands of liquid nutrients out there, but our favorite is Fox Farm brand. Their nutrients are very potent, so only a small amount is needed to really make your plants thrive.

A tds meter measures the amount of dissolved solids in your water. We previously published a guide on what levels your water should be at during which stages of growing. If the levels in your water are off, then your plants will have difficulty growing. This will also be true if the pH level in your water is off. The pH kit in our kit let's you both test and adjust the pH level of your water.

Do you have any tools that you find essential to hydroponic growing? Feel free to contact us!

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